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Software Engineer specialising in All-Stack™️ Javascript applications for Web, Desktop, Mobile and Electronics

I'm a perpetual learner with a genuine passion for technology, science and learning. I also enjoy puzzle-based games, playing the bass guitar, DIY projects and general tinkering.

I have been experimenting with computer tech since the days of Windows 98 and have been writing code professionally since 2014. In this time, I have been developing web-based products and services utilising front-end technologies while seeking opportunities to work with back-end technologies. I've worked on tools for process automation, document conversions and helper/assistant tools using a range of desktop technologies. I've also had the chance to work with mobile apps from the development and DevOps/distribution.

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I have experience in management and leadership where in addition to my existing software development duties, I have line managed a team of developers at an operational level.
I also enjoyed mentoring our junior and apprenticeship roles. Mentoring is something I am still very passionate about and achieved great satisfaction from.

Some of the work I am most proud of during my time as a developer would include;

  • Scientific calculator for use within digital assessments.
  • Producing the "Spreadsheet", "Slides", and "Word Processor" question types, where attempt data can be stored and retrieved from Moodle/LMS.
  • Developing an assessment authoring platform with online and offline delivery, reporting and attempt management, and import/export/backup facilities.
  • Basic CMS-powered mobile apps via react-native, including deployments to Google and Apple app stores.
  • React/NextJS/React-Native integrations into Drupal for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover

For more info on Tim, you can find me and more info on my LinkedIn profile.