About Tim

Tim and his cat Louie

Tim likes to: write code, tell jokes, play the bass guitar, take on DIY projects and enthuse about science, electronics & technology.

Tim doesn't like to: be late, be untidy or unorganised, use Internet Explorer, argue about tab versus spaces* and dislikes odd numbers.

From a young age, I have had a fascination with technology and can't remember a time when I wasn't tinkering with some form of tech. I also have a long-standing love for physics and consider myself a perpetual learner, always looking for something new and exciting to absorb.
When I'm not using my Windows 10 work laptop, I can usually be found playing around on Debian, Manjaro, Pop!_OS and Raspian depending on what I'm up to or trying to achieve.

If you want to get in touch you can grab on the social media links in the header, email me on [email protected] or use the contact form (coming soon and will be at the bottom of this page!).


BPP – Present

Digital Technology Developer

– Present
  • Line manage members of the Digital Learning Development Team within the DTS unit.
  • Aid in the creation, deployment and support of e-learning material, either bespoke, rapid developed or VLE platform-based and to support the delivery of various developments including Moodle and mobile applications.
  • Working with various web and desktop technologies, being at the forefront of our digital product development.
  • Work with senior stakeholders to develop and deliver new and innovative learning materials and platforms.
  • Mentoring new starters and apprentices

E-Learning Developer

– Aug 2018
  • Maintain, develop and improve existing E-Learning products and resources.
  • Develop new and innovative products, assessments and user experiences online
  • Develop tools to automate manual tasks
  • Supporting internal and external clients, staff and students with technical support and troubleshooting.

Stockport College

E-Learning & E-Resources Developer


  • Maintain, develop and improve existing E-Learning products and resources using legacy and current web technologies
  • Troubleshooting and technical support for students and staff
  • Perform a significant part in the migrating from the existing out-dated VLE over to a bleeding-edge, purpose-built Moodle instance


Wordpress Developer & Site Administrator


This project is no longer active, but at the time that it was, I was responsible for the following:

  • Host, maintain and further develop a custom WordPress installation
  • Ongoing technical support and troubleshooting
  • Developing ideas into working features


Multi-purpose home server

The original plan was to use a Rasberry Pi 3B+ until I fried the CPU (shorted the 5V to the 3.3V rail…). So, I've currently assembled a server from old desktop computer parts, running Debian at its heart with a typical LAMP setup plus other goodies for experimenting and development stuff.

What it does now

  • Nextcloud: for easy file backups, storing and sharing
  • JellyFin: easy music and video consumption

Things I hope to do in the future

  • CCTV Live feed, backup, and offsite backups in case of sabotage
  • Simple home automation


The goal: network-wide ad blocking using a Raspberry Pi and PiHole.

Since I finished getting this working and implemented it into my home router, I can now enjoy the wonders of the internet with the peace of mind that all the internet-connected devices at home will be free from most ads and tracking services. This makes everything feel quicker by loading fewer resources, safer by allowing me to block suspicious domains network-wide and enjoy the web with fewer interruptions. I pay/donate to the services and products I want to enjoy and feel I shouldn't need to subsidise them any further with my ad and tracking data.

Quizzing Buzzers

A friend likes to host a bi-annual quiz and for a long time, they wished to have a "fastest finger" round, but was limited by his options for implementing such a type of round.

Enter Tim, with an Arduino Uno and couple of weekends. I built 3 physical buzzers and a control box for the host. The code on the Arduino controlled the different states, kept score for each buzzer and also played tunes that had to be pre-programmed as an array of frequencies and durations to play through a simple buzzer. I went with the Imperial March, the Jurrasic Park Theme and the James Bond 007 Theme as I thought these were widely recognisable and different enough from eachother that we could easily work out which team buzzed first even though it was displayed on the host's LCD.

Currently working on a V2.0 after feedback from the successful first outing - hoping they will see the light of day again in a future quiz round.


FdSc Enterprise Computing

Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Web & Multimedia (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Adobe CS6 Web and Design Suite)
  • Advanced Programming (Java)
  • Information Systems (Oracle Databases, SQL, Normalisation, UML)
  • Computer System Fundamentals
  • Career Development

Level 2 Retail Apprenticeship

Derby College

  • Customer Service in the Retail Sector
  • The Retail Selling Process
  • How Individuals and Teams Contribute to the Effectiveness of a Retail Business
  • How Retail Businesses Maintain Health & Safety on their Premises
  • Security and Loss Prevention in a Retail Business
  • Handling of Customer Payments in a Retail Business


Marple Sixth Form College

  • BTEC Cert Business Studies
  • Electronics


11 at A-C including Maths, English, Tripple Science, ICT, Music, Graphics…


BPP Thank You Award


Ownership & Accountability

• Heather Gough - BPP

You have been nominated several times (including by external teams at BPP) for the great work you do, and for how you drop your own work to help others with critical tasks, with a can-do attitude. Several mentions of how nothing is too much trouble and how supportive you are, whilst always delivering and exceeding expectations.

Thanks for all your continued hard work!

BPP Above and Beyond Award



• Jeremy Bodey - BPP

Building new and innovative question types for online assessments:

  • Word Processor question type
  • Spreadsheet question type
  • Various assessment templates and features including a scientific calculator

Thanks for your efforts on the new question types! You have really shown some innovative thinking in coming up with a range of solutions!